York Expedition

York River Kayak Tours Gaspé
Bald Eagle Observation and Salmon Pool Swims

Activities & Tours

Guided Tour and Swim start at 9am or 1pm Tuesday to Sunday

Introduction to river kayaking, guided kayaking tour, observation of local wildlife with expert knowledge of the Bald eagle and Atlantic salmon populations. Discover the abundance of nature and diverse beauty of the York River during this 4 hours guided tour.

Self-Guided Tour starts at 1pm Mondays only

For people with kayaking experience who wish to descend the river on their own. Following a brief overview of the route and best safety practices and rules, hop in your kayak and spend the next 4 hours discovering the beauty of the York River and its rich ecosystem.

Activity Descriptions

Wildlife Observations

Aside from its calming natural scenery, the main attraction of the York River is the Bald eagle population that has made its home on the riverbanks. Marvel at their stunning presence when they take flight at proximity.

Kayak Descent

The descent down the river is 12km long and will take around 4 hours. The current is relatively calm, and the water can be very shallow in certain areas. Feel free to dip your toes and don’t be afraid to get a little wet!

Swim with Salmons

The York River is home to the great Atlantic salmon, we offer you the opportunity to visit their habitat and, if conditions allow, observe some salmon!

Who Are We ?

As a resident of Gaspé as of a few years, I have discovered and come to love the region. I hope to share some of my discoveries with you. It is from this desire to share my experience and expertise on the region that York Expedition was born.

York Expedition was founded on a sustainable development approach. Respect for the environment is a fundamental value of the company. We are lucky to be able to enjoy an environment rich in biodiversity and it is important for me that the health of the region is sustained long-term and others can continue to enjoy it.

Your safety is of the upmost concern for our entire team. Enjoy your kayak experience to the fullest and make the most of your descent down the river without worry.